Why do women massively marry millionaires from Dubai? They use them as ATMs, and here’s what they have to do in return

The phenomenon of women flocking to marry millionaires in Dubai has been a subject of curiosity for many, and a young woman named Soudi sheds light on this trend through her extravagant lifestyle.

Stories from women who have had the chance to experience Dubai often lean towards negative encounters, with some recounting experiences of servitude to powerful sheikhs. Nevertheless, there exists a cohort of women residing in the city, reveling in opulence.

Meet Soudi, the wife of a millionaire, unapologetically navigating her days through indulgent sessions at cosmetic salons and exquisite dinners at upscale restaurants. Her husband, Jamal, plays the role of a generous benefactor, regularly providing her with the means to sustain her lavish way of life.

Soudi routinely shares glimpses of her high-society existence on social media, and a particular video detailing one of her evenings has sparked a flurry of comments. The footage captures Soudi enjoying an evening of cocktails infused with 24-karat gold, accompanied by a gourmet meal, all generously funded by her husband. The video is aptly titled: “In Need of the Princess Treatment”.


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“In the life of a wealthy housewife in Dubai, we woke up this morning, and Jamal mentioned he would be occupied with work. He handed me some money for spending, and, of course, I headed to the beauty salon. He appreciates it when I invest in self-care and utilize his resources for my appearance. I opted for a simple nail design, and he later picked me up. Instructing me to pamper myself with a new hairstyle while he tended to other matters, he then surprised me by taking us back home for a wardrobe change”, she narrated in the video.


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Soudi proudly showcased a pair of exquisite earrings, specially designed by Jamal for her. Following this, Jamal chauffeured her to an upscale restaurant where they ordered cocktails adorned with 24-karat gold. To add a musical touch, Jamal even arranged for a singer to serenade Soudi with her favorite song.


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“Our dinner comprised salads, shrimp, filet mignon, and tiramisu. Naturally, Jamal footed the bill for everything”, Soudi added.


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Objavu dijeli Soudi✨ (@soudiofarabia)

Despite Jamal’s overt displays of affection, showering her with attention and lavish gifts, some skeptics cast doubt on the authenticity of their relationship. A considerable number of followers question whether Soudi’s association with Jamal is solely motivated by financial gain and speculate that she might leave him when the financial support diminishes.

Interestingly, the trend of women seeking marriages with millionaires in Dubai is on the rise, driven by the allure of a luxurious lifestyle. However, those who have sustained longer marriages with sheikhs and millionaires emphasize that their unions were founded on genuine love.

What are your thoughts on why women are drawn to the prospect of life in Dubai?