In light of recent reports concerning the hospitalization of Her Royal Highness Kate Middleton, the Royal Family has issued an official update regarding her expected return to her duties.

According to a statement released on their official Instagram page, Middleton, who holds the title of the Princess of Wales, was admitted to The London Clinic in Marylebone on January 16, 2024.

The palace has confirmed that Middleton underwent a successful abdominal surgery, resulting in a notable scar on her head.

It is projected that the esteemed royal will remain under hospital care for a period ranging from ten to fourteen days before transitioning to continue her recovery in the comfort of her own home, as per the guidance of palace officials.

In accordance with medical advice and prioritizing Middleton’s health and well-being, it is unlikely that she will resume her public engagements until after the Easter period.

The palace has emphasized Middleton’s desire for privacy regarding her medical condition, particularly for the sake of her children. As such, updates on her progress will be provided by Kensington Palace only when deemed necessary for public awareness.

On behalf of the Princess of Wales, Kensington Palace has extended apologies for any inconvenience caused by the postponement of her scheduled engagements.

Looking ahead, Middleton, who has previously experienced severe morning sickness during her first pregnancy, eagerly anticipates returning to her public duties at the earliest opportunity.

Messages of support and well-wishes continue to flood in from followers of the Royal Family’s Instagram account, expressing hopes for Middleton’s swift recovery and a smooth journey back to health.