Wild horse no longer sad after reuniting with his girlfriend after 2 years

After a two-year effort, a horse sanctuary dedicated to rescuing wild mustangs orchestrated a heartwarming reunion between two horses deeply in love.

The journey began when Clare Staples, founder and president of the Skydog Sanctuary, was captivated by a striking image on the American Wild Horse Campaign’s website. The photograph depicted a wild mustang named Phoenix making a daring leap to escape from a catch pen, while his companion, Ghost, looked up at him from below.

That moment left an indelible mark on Staples, who recognized the depth of the bond between these two horses. Wild horses, she knew, formed strong familial connections, and this image was a poignant testament to their extraordinary relationship.

Staples embarked on a mission to rescue Phoenix and grant him the freedom he so yearned for. The Skydog Sanctuary specializes in the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wild mustangs, with the goal of allowing them to return to their natural habitat.

Upon reaching the corrals where Phoenix and Ghost were held, Staples attempted to adopt the entire family but was met with refusal. However, there was a silver lining as she learned that Phoenix and his male companion were slated for release back into the wild, a prospect that brought relief.

Staples faithfully visited Phoenix at Skydog’s Oregon Ranch, but the absence of Ghost was a cause for concern. She assumed that Ghost had been adopted, leaving Phoenix behind.

However, a year later, Staples discovered that the stallions would no longer be returned to the wild. Determined to give Phoenix the freedom he craved, she applied to adopt him, successfully securing his place at Skydog.

Phoenix’s arrival at the ranch introduced him to new friends, but he bore a lingering sadness, likely stemming from the separation from Ghost. Staples continued her search for Ghost, although her efforts initially proved unsuccessful. It wasn’t until two years later that a breakthrough occurred.

In an astonishing turn of events, Ghost appeared in an Internet adoption listing. Staples wasted no time, placing a winning bid to reunite her with Phoenix. The heartfelt reunion was a momentous occasion, tenderly captured on camera.

Staples expressed her joy and relief, stating: “We are so thrilled and happy that she (Ghost) is back with her family and that they get to live out their lives together now after all they went through”. Phoenix’s melancholy, born from the loss of his beloved, has dissipated, and he and Ghost now spend their days inseparable, relishing their companionship.

The Skydog Sanctuary, a sanctuary for wild horse families that have been reunited after being separated during roundups, is a testament to the sanctuary’s commitment to providing love, care, and kindness to these creatures. Their mission reflects a deep respect for the mustangs’ experiences and a dedication to offering the love and compassion many of them have longed for but seldom received.

The Skydog Sanctuary’s remarkable work serves as a reminder of the profound connections that exist between animals and the incredible impact of reuniting loved ones.