Wild orangutan reaches out helping hand to man stuck in mud

Photographer Anil Prabhakar, who is from Indonesia, is responsible for this beautiful scene that we can see.

It was about an orangutan helping a man in need.

Anil T Prabhakar

Prabhakar knew that his work could reach people and their emotions. Now he has succeeded.

Anil told The Dodo that he believes that each photo speaks for itself best.

He even joined the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation.

Anil T Prabhakar

As he says, this organization fights against everything bad that happens to gorillas. They help them in every way and try to make their lives better.

When he visited this foundation, he noticed one of the members walking towards the orangutans.

Anil T Prabhakar

He wanted to know what was going on, so he found out that they had to get rid of the snakes.

They can do a lot of harm to these animals, so this man wanted to clean the area. However, not everything went as it should because he got stuck in the mud.

After a while, an orangutan approached him and watched him.

Anil T Prabhakar

Soon the orangutan reached out his hand to the man and thus offered him help.

After a few minutes, however, the orangutan retreated, because the man did not accept help.

Anil T Prabhakar

When the photographer asked the man why he acted that way, he learned that man was there for other work, not for wildlife.