Woman can’t decide which neglected dog to save so she buys the entire shelter

During a visit to a shelter in Israel, Danielle Eden was thinking about which dog to adopt.

She probably didn’t even think that it would be very difficult for her to decide.

She decided on an unusual move. She saved all the dogs, who were in a very difficult condition.

Facebook/Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

She and her husband Rob Scheinberg founded a shelter called Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary in Canada in 2014.

Their goal is to go around the world and adopt sick, infirm and elderly dogs who have a very difficult life.

It is not unusual for this woman to see a dog in serious condition. However, when she saw all these dogs in the Israeli shelter, she couldn’t get over it.

She told The Dodo that these dogs were literally fighting for a piece of bread.

Facebook/Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

Danielle’s colleague Clare Forndran said it was the worst shelter she had ever seen.

Danielle was really shocked by the sight she found in that shelter. She simply couldn’t leave there and save just one or a few dogs.

She then decided to buy the entire shelter and save all those unfortunate dogs.

Facebook/Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary
Facebook/Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary
Facebook/Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

25 dogs got a chance for a new life, and all because of this woman’s big heart.

In addition, another 90 of them have been moved to shelters in Israel where they will be cared for much more.

The other 150 are in the hands of veterinarians who examine them and provide them with the necessary assistance.

When their health improves, they will all be transferred to Dog Tales Rescues and Sanctuary, where they will receive all the care and love they need.

Source: HolidogTimes