Wonderful act by dad: The man’s body was covered with tattoos, but he removed them for the sake of his daughter

Ethan Modboy Bramble, the renowned Australian blogger, astonished his followers by adorning his entire body with tattoos.

This 24-year-old is an unmissable presence, with a whopping 95% of his body covered in ink, coupled with unique modifications like a cut tongue, cropped ears, black eyelids, flared nostrils, a sewn-in belly button, and even black eyeballs.

Initially, it appeared that Bramble was on an unending journey of body modifications and plastic surgery.

However, a significant shift occurred when he welcomed his daughter into the family. The birth of his baby girl prompted a profound decision, to take drastic measures to revert his body to a more natural appearance.

Despite the financial cost and physical pain associated with the experiments, Bramble opted to undergo the painstaking process of tattoo removal.


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The famous blogger is now committed to transforming himself to resemble a conventional person, a decision influenced by the newfound responsibility of fatherhood. Brighter spots gradually replace the tattoos on his body as he actively pursues a more traditional aesthetic.

This transformation has sparked discussions about Bramble’s evolution from an extreme body modification enthusiast to a dedicated father prioritizing a more conventional appearance.

Followers are invited to share their perspectives on this significant change in the comments section.