12-year-old builds LEGO wheelchair for unwanted puppy, so she can enjoy life

Although he is a small boy, it is obvious that his heart is huge.

He gave a new chance for life to this unfortunate dog who has only two legs. He made a wheelchair for him in his own way and delighted people around the world.


This adorable little dog’s name is Gracie. Life has not been very kind to her, because she has not had a front legs since birth.

Even worse, she was abandoned by her owners shortly after birth.


The people from the shelter welcomed her with both arms, and after that the Turley family.

They decided to bring this unfortunate dog into their home and give her the best possible life.

Regardless of her condition, they took care of her and gave her as much love as she needed.


Even though they didn’t know how to prevent Gracie from getting hurt because she doesn’t have two legs, they didn’t give up.

Soon the boy Dylan helped them. He volunteered at the shelter and really helped them.

The stroller, which will help Gracie walk like the other dogs, was made by the boy out of LEGO.


Tammy Turley told The Dodo that it was a bit difficult for Gracie at first. However, after a while she got used to it.

Watch the video:

Source: Majestic Animals