20-year-old cat surrendered to shelter gets adopted by 101-year-old lady

We wish all the luck to this beautiful woman, who is full of love.

Little Gus now finally has the life he deserves.

Considering that Gus is 20 years old, the examination showed that he is very healthy.

However, so many years in the shelter have left some consequences.

Now he finally has a wonderful family.

When Gus came to the shelter, a call came in from a family looking for a pet for their elderly mother.

Their wish was to adopt an older cat for their old mother Penny, who is 101 years old.

Namely, she lost her pet, so they gave her a stuffed animal instead. Penny wasn’t happy with that though.

It is obvious that this was not a mistake, because it is rare to see this much love in a photo.

Although both parties here are quite old, it is unquestionable how much mutual love they will give each other.

Gus is very happy about his new home and the love he has been given.

They are beautiful together.

We wish this amazing duo many years of enjoying each other’s company.

Source: Lexnau