New York dog walker walking over 15 dogs in a pack every day makes incredible photos of his clients

Owning a dog is a significant responsibility that comes with its unique challenges.

Many dog owners are familiar with that heart-wrenching look their furry companions give them when they have to leave for work.

Leaving a dog alone for the entire day can be a tough situation. Yet, when you return home, weary from work, it can be equally challenging to summon the energy for a long walk.

Enter the Saratoga Dog Walkers, a solution to this common predicament.

Tim Pink, the owner and primary caregiver, has taken it upon himself to address this issue. He frequently shares captivating photos of his canine clientele on Instagram.

It’s not unusual to see a lively group of up to 15 dogs on one of their outings. These communal walks serve as more than just exercise; they provide opportunities for dogs to socialize and revel in the joys of companionship.

Managing a pack of 15 dogs simultaneously is undoubtedly no easy feat, but Tim excels at it. He even manages to capture charming moments as they pose serenely for photographs.

Tim embarked on this mission over a decade ago, precisely in 2011. People in the community have grown accustomed to seeing him surrounded by his canine charges. Beyond his adept dog-walking skills, Tim has also honed his ability to address behavioral issues, having undergone training at the Animal Behavior College, among other pursuits.