4 young boys rescue starving, abandoned dog tied to house with bungee cords

Some people really don’t deserve to have pets.

Four young boys in Detroit did their best to save an unfortunate abandoned dog. They are brothers Kenny, Kenneth and Kevin Dancy and their friend Andrew Daniels.

They were helping a neighbor move, and then they saw a very heartbreaking scene.

They saw a dog that was in rather poor health. It was tied with ropes, starving and freezing.

Then these young heroes decided to save the unfortunate dog and take it home.

This dog’s new name was Sparkle. On one walk with Sparkle, these young boys encountered the folks from Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue.

During the conversation with them, they learned that Sparkle may be suffering from scabies. Then they took this dog to the vet for a check-up.

Theresa Sumpter, founder of the organization, told WDIV that these young boys seem to have really grown to love this dog.

When it turned out that Sparkle was healthy, it only meant one thing, that she might find a home soon.

Pet Tales Rescue found Sparkle a home where she will have lots of love and care.

And the young boys who saved her did not stop there. They later rescued two more dogs in roughly the same area.

Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue helped them take the dogs to treatment this time as well.

These young boys have shown how big a heart they have.

Source: The Animal Club