73-year-old elephant cries tears after finally being rescued from a lifetime of captivity

One of the reasons animals suffer is that they can’t talk. But they are also living beings, so they deserve to be treated with respect. Animals created for the wild should also live there, not be in narrow cages without freedom.

Sook Jai, an elephant who is 73 years old, had a very difficult life. She mostly spent it indoors with a lot of abuse and harassment in all possible ways. When it came out of captivity, this animal looked very exhausted. Despite looking big and strong, she also has feelings.

A lot of new owners have gone through her life. She did a lot of different and difficult things in life, which eventually resulted in the loss of one part of his hearing and all of his sight.

It is a very emotional story about the life of this elephant. It is not right to treat any animals so badly, not even wild ones. They love the wilderness, they want to live and enjoy it.

Elephant Nature Park, which deals with the rescue and rehabilitation of elephants in Thailand, managed to react at the right moment and thus saved the life of this elephant. When they brought Sook Chai, she got the peace he deserved.

It soon became known that this unfortunate elephant had many injuries on his head and the rest of his body. It actually shows how much damage he has received in his lifetime. She looked like she couldn’t take it anymore, she didn’t even eat. She probably never even thought that someone would save her.

The people from the rescue team made sure that the ride to his new home was as pleasant as possible. They heated the truck during cold weather and cooled it during hot weather.

Sook Chai seems to realize how much these people want only the best for him. She started crying. Everyone saw her crying face. A very emotional, but also painful scene broke the hearts of all present. It wasn’t exactly easy to save this unfortunate elephant, but it paid off. She can finally enjoy life.

These heartbreaking scenes were recorded by cameras. Millions of people watched these scenes. It’s hard to stay indifferent to something like this.

They are grateful that Sook Jai has found someone who wishes her all the best from the bottom of her heart. She had the necessary luck when Joan Baez decided to change the life of this poor creature.

Source: Wildlife Animals