This 89-year-old woman has knitted 450 blankets for the dogs at a shelter, and it’s adorable

A lot of times it happens that the dogs in the shelters suffer a lot because of the cold, but also everything else.

Maisie Green, an 89-year-old grandmother, decided to solve some problems with these cute creatures. She has knitted over 450 blankets and sweaters with her own hands and still doesn’t mind stopping.

In a lot of photos, little puppies have these knitted sweaters on, which actually helped them find their new homes.

Maisie is also often photographed with puppies wearing her sweaters.

It is not uncommon for them to use sweaters as, it seems to us, very comfortable blankets.

Why stay only on one?

This is how sweaters are used while dogs are still too small to wear them.

A sweet surprise.

A face that is very hard to resist.

Warmed pet with its new owner.