92-year-old retired vet dedicates his life to making wheelchairs for disabled dogs

Animals that were not really pampered by life and have difficulties with disabilities, are now much happier. It’s because of the citizen who takes out amazing works from a small warehouse.

Lincoln Parkes is 92 years old, he spends his days making strollers for dogs that have unhappy lives. This man cheers up the sad dogs in the town of Chesapeake Bay.

He was a veterinarian for many years, and he invested more than 60 years of his selfless life in building carts for these innocent animals.

After Dr. Parkes retired, nothing changed. He even directed everything towards his goal, his greatest passion. He located the workshop not far from his home and worked in a wheelchair there.

This man experienced a situation where he found a man whose dog was injured by a car crash. The dog couldn’t do anything with his hind legs, but then Parkes made a K-9 stroller and so gave new life to a little friend.

That was just the beginning of Parkes’ creation, so in the 1960s he became the owner of a shop for a stroller like this, which he made himself.

It was not the main job of a man who had been in veterinary medicine for many years, but the love for the job soon prevailed.

The days of this great man are now being spent in making special carts for special animals. That seems to him a great fortune. We believe it is indescribably beautiful to see happiness on the face of a small dog who gets new life because of this invention.

Parkes said it was love. He simply enjoys giving a new opportunity to these little creatures. He compared them to children when they gain independence. As he says, prams give them mobility that they have not had before. Then they use their front legs to the maximum, and so their spirit moves away.

The doctor said that his only pension is actually this one. At the end of each day or the beginning of a new one, around midnight, he retires again. But he loves it and enjoys helping dogs in one amazing way.

Over the years, competition has emerged, so sales of Parkes strollers have been significantly lower. It’s only a few hundred in a year, and his business is no longer national.

He used to pay people to make carts, and he created new and better ones. Now he does everything himself.

It is not uncommon for it to take several days to complete an order while join all the foils and aluminum pipes.

No matter what, he doesn’t give up. Even today, he is working on his goal, to make an even better and more functional stroller, and he hopes for a good sale.

When Parkes’ K-9 Carts started working, the lives of these animals became much better. Everything Parkes does is done carefully, so each stroller is specifically suited to the intended dog. To this man it means every dog ​​he meets along the way.

92 years old represents nothing to him, he has clear intentions, to continue working and beautifying the lives of dogs.

This man is very inspiring. In addition to saving and beautifying many lives by making wheelchairs, he has also saved in his veterinary career. A lot of people admire his work and feelings for these little innocent animals.

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