Man adopts dog 24 hours before he would’ve been put down, then the dog saves his life

We have heard many times that good in life comes back to us only if we do good.

It seems to be true, because this is a real example of it.

Buddy is an adorable dog who should have been euthanized. Richard is a man who was looking for a dog to adopt, so he visited the shelter.

It was the day before Buddy was to be euthanized. When Richard found out about it, he decided he wanted to adopt that very dog, because he couldn’t let that happen to him.

They had a good time with each other.

Over the course of a day, Buddy played with Richard until he came across a sore spot on Richard’s head.

Then he started barking and didn’t stop until Richard gave importance to the place.

Richard therefore decided to see a doctor to see what it was all about. In the end it turned out to be a form of skin cancer.

Fortunately, he was able to solve that problem with an operation.

One thing is certain, and that is that Buddy saved his owner’s life. Buddy plays a big role in Richard’s life.

Apart from Richard, this dog also makes many other people happy.