A 160-pound bullmastiff “attacks” his owner, who has returned from a trip

When Jason Floyd, a recently returned soldier hailing from Greenville, Rhode Island, stepped into the airport, he likely didn’t anticipate being bowled over by a 170-pound bullmastiff.

Lisa, Jason’s mother, had been eagerly anticipating her son’s homecoming and wanted to orchestrate a special surprise for him.

The sizable and affectionate dog zeroes in on Jason with the precision of a stealth missile the moment he catches sight of him. Overwhelmed with emotion, the dog sprawls on top of the soldier at one point, leaping up to shower Jason with chin licks and face kisses.

Luke, the dog, can’t contain his joy as he touches noses with his long-lost friend, grinning from ear to ear after years of separation.

The heartwarming scene unfolds, capturing Jason (the father) basking in the love fest, a big smile on his face. If he hasn’t been squashed flat like a pancake, he must be in remarkably good spirits!

Experience the beauty of this homecoming reunion by watching the heartening video below!

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