Chowder who used to live on the streets, now can’t believe he has a home and hugs every day

Covered in puncture marks across his face, one can only fathom the hardships Chowder endured during his brief existence. Instead of being cradled in a cozy bed in his forever home as a newborn, life had dealt him a different hand.

Unbeknownst to Chowder, his solitude was on the verge of ending one rainy day, nestled among discarded debris behind an ancient mattress.

Donna Lochmann, a compassionate rescuer from Stray Rescue of St. Louis, recounted the heartwarming discovery of Chowder, saying: “In the vicinity, there’s an incredibly kind couple, and the husband had apparently ventured into the alley to dispose of some garbage”.

Upon stepping outside, the husband encountered a white dog seeking refuge behind the corner of a mattress. Moved by compassion, he offered the canine some nourishment. Swiftly, he reached out to Stray Rescue of St. Louis, prompting Donna and a fellow rescue partner to hasten to the scene.

Chowder, upon their arrival, exhibited sheer joy. “He approached me straight away as we exited the vehicle”, Donna shared. “He was the sweetest little boy, unafraid and seemingly relieved that someone was treating him kindly.”

With gratitude, Chowder happily boarded the vehicle, settling on the lap of Donna’s rescue companion, showering her with kisses. “He rested his head on her shoulder, burying his face in her arm, grateful for the warmth and the presence of kind individuals.”

Expressing their sentiments on Facebook, Stray Rescue stated: “The thought of anyone mistreating him brings tears to our eyes”. Both Stray Rescue and Chowder acknowledged the outpouring of support and calls for action.

Freed from isolation and the daily struggle for survival in foster care, Chowder is now able to embrace his puppyhood with exuberance. The charming pup delights everyone with his playful leaps and twirls.

Amid his recovery, Chowder is showered with an abundance of love and kisses, reciprocating generously as he anticipates his future home. Despite the trials he faced, his cheerful disposition and sense of security shine through. Finally, Chowder can revel in the warmth of a loving environment, leaving behind the shadows of his tumultuous past.