A 20-year-old female dog can’t sleep without stroking her fabric banana

Most of us had favorite plush toys or pillows as children as children we couldn’t sleep without. It seems that dogs are very often similar to us, because they also like plush toys. Even while growing up, they don’t want to be separated from their favorite toys.

This is Tessa, a 20-year-old who is always faithful to the people in her life, especially her mother. But there is something that surpasses all the people in her life, and that is her toy banana.

It’s been 5 years since Tessa stopped stroking her banana. Tessa’s mother, Shanna Loren, gave her this toy when she ran out of her previous favorite toy. She was left without her because she was destroyed by a dog they had adopted. That banana is nothing special, not to us, but Tessi obviously is.

As Loren told The Dodo, she found it at a pet store and by the size she knew the toy would suit her.

As soon as some guests arrive, Tessa presents her banana as soon as they arrive. Loren says she wants everyone to understand how much she means to her before they take her. When Tessa leaves her toy, she always puts it to bed which is best for her.

Loren also says they once instructed guests to show Tessa that they had noticed her toy so she could go to bed again. She also says that now that she’s deaf it’s funny as they tell her they like her banana.

A lot of older dogs don’t want to play with toys or sleep with them because it slows them down and slowly destroys their senses. But this adorable dog, Tessa, proves that no matter how old you are, you can cuddle and play with your favorite soft toy again.

Loren points out that Tessa never considered this banana a toy, but considered it her property, her life.

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