Police officer helps rescue great horned owl stuck in plastic along busy highway

Finally, the great horned owl, which they found while stuck in a plastic bag, got its rescue.

Police and local rehabilitators are responsible for the further possibility of living this bird.

There were a lot of calls to the police in Idaho, everyone reported seeing a helpless owl.

These owls are not very rare in this country, but seeing birds that live at night during the day is a bit strange. She was even among so many people and cars, it was clear that something was wrong.

Brandalyn Crapo, the sergeant, was the one who went out into the field and found this captured bird.

Brandalyn fenced off the owl with a car so the cars wouldn’t hurt her. They were waiting for someone from the Animals in Distress Association to come.

Soon came James McKinley who gave the bird new life.

He told the newspaper that night birds often fly over the roads because they are empty, and it is possible that he replaced the bag with prey and thus perished.

The owl was soon allowed to enjoy her freedom because she did not look hurt at all. But above all, she had to pose with Crapo.