A couple wagers: No eating out, no cheat meals, and no alcohol. This is how they look one year later

Lexi and Danny Reed, once a typical couple with ordinary aspirations, faced a significant obstacle to living life to the fullest: both were grappling with excess weight. On their wedding day, Lexi carried a burden of 480 pounds, while Danny tipped the scales at 279 pounds. The challenges imposed by their weight hindered social interactions and curtailed their engagement in various activities.

Their journey began as friends for ten years until the realization of true love prompted them to tie the knot. Danny’s remarkable quality was his unwavering acceptance of Lexi, irrespective of her appearance. Lexi expressed on Instagram: “He never saw me as my size, asked me to change, or made me feel anything other than beautiful”.

Despite Danny’s own struggles with an unhealthy lifestyle, the couple found themselves spiraling down together over time. Lexi, an emotional eater, marked her 25th birthday at 392 pounds, while Danny, two years her senior, weighed 280 pounds. Recognizing the problem, they acknowledged the need for change.

Residing in Terre Haute, Indiana, the couple knew adjustments were necessary but hesitated due to fear. Lexi admitted: “We easily consumed 4,000 calories per day”, with a diet consisting mainly of fried or fast food. The turning point came when Lexi was denied entry to a roller coaster at an amusement park due to her weight. This embarrassing moment in January 2016 prompted them to take action.

Embarking on a weight-loss journey, they faced the challenge of transforming their shared passion for food. Lexi initiated the “Fat Girl Fed Up” Instagram account, sharing their progress to inspire others. With determination and mutual support, they addressed their health concerns and the desire to start a family.

Lexi shed approximately 240 pounds, while Danny lost 70 pounds. Incorporating gym sessions into their routine, Lexi found solace in a supportive environment, facilitating her weight loss. Setting rules like no eating out, no soda, no alcohol, no cheat meals, and working out for 30 minutes five times a week, they committed to a healthier lifestyle.

A bet with friends led to a 30-day challenge without fast food, kickstarting significant progress. Organizing meals and cooking together became a regular part of their healthier mindset. Lexi’s present lifestyle reflects her new habits, garnering support from friends and Instagram followers. The transformation is drastic, and their happiness is evident.

Lexi’s weight loss journey gained traction on Instagram, amassing over 1.2 million followers in 2021. Featured on television shows, they’ve maintained humility amid celebrity, recognizing the ongoing need to uphold positive behaviors. Lexi emphasizes the significance of non-scale victories and the freedom she now experiences in her body.

Despite their achievements, Lexi and Danny continue their hard work, inspiring others with their incredible journey. Lexi encourages small changes for big results and stresses the importance of focusing on each day. The couple’s remarkable transformation serves as a beacon of motivation, demonstrating the profound impact of determination and hard work on achieving one’s goals.