After a week, airport personnel decided to open a strange wooden box to see what was inside! But they weren’t expecting to see this

A mysterious airport pickup package, riddled with unmarked openings, was neglected by office employees who inadvertently overlooked its existence. Blended with similarly unidentified items due to a lack of proper labels, this 16-inch-tall container was ambiguously addressed to Syria.

After languishing in a holding area for a week, the box was belatedly given the correct label. Subsequently, legal authorization was secured for airport staff to open and inspect the contents. What they uncovered left them nearly astounded.

Contained within were three Siberian tigercats, somehow clinging to life despite not having consumed food or water for a week. “No information about tigers or any living entities was disclosed in the shipment details, and no specifics about the sender or recipient were provided”, lamented the animal rights group Animals Lebanon on their Facebook page.

These three male kittens, originally intended for sale to a Syrian zoo, had been transported on a flight from Ukraine. Urging the relocation of the tigers, Animals Lebanon successfully obtained a court of appeals ruling in their favor. The veterinarian noted dry and red paw pads, along with new sores on their rear legs and thighs, indicating the dire condition in which the Siberian tigers were found.

Immediate intervention was imperative for these endangered creatures, as illegal trading in exotic animals is a lucrative market. Those engaging in such illicit activities may disregard the well-being of the animals they exploit.

“While they are improving, the tigers are still at risk! On the illegal market, large cats can fetch exorbitant sums, and we are committed to fighting for the tigers and upholding the rule of law”, declared Animals Lebanon on their Facebook page.

Despite the zoo’s reluctance to relinquish the tigers, a court ruling favored the rescue team, allowing all three tigers to remain in their care. “I appreciate all your efforts in making this possible”, expressed gratitude from the organization.

Having adapted well to their new environment, the tigers bring joy to those who discovered them at the opportune moment, averting further harm and ensuring their well-being.