A dog never dies, he’s just sleeping in your heart

As an avid dog enthusiast, the mere thought of losing my cherished canine companion is enough to break anyone’s heart. Those priceless moments shared with our furry friends, the way they become an integral part of our homes, our hearts, and our lives, make parting ways an incredibly painful experience.

Ernest Montague, a devoted dog parent, chose to honor the memory of his beloved Bolo, a white-black pit bull, in a deeply moving and poignant manner. Following the loss of Bolo, Ernest penned a heartfelt and insightful reflection on his grief.

Here are the inspiring words he shared:

“Some of you, especially those who believe they’ve recently lost a dog to ‘death,’ may not truly comprehend this. I’ve had no desire to explain, but I won’t be here forever, and I feel compelled to do so.

Dogs never truly pass away. They don’t know how to. They may grow weary, very old, and their bones may ache, but they do not die. If they did, they would lose their boundless enthusiasm for a simple walk, even when their aging bodies whisper: ‘No, no, not a good idea, let’s skip the walk’. No, dogs perpetually yearn for that walk. They may manage only a single step before their frail tendons give way, causing them to crumple into a heap on the floor, but that’s what dogs do. They walk.

It’s not that they dislike your company. Quite the opposite, a walk with you is their whole world. You are their master, and the cacophonous symphony of scents in the world is their orchestra. The scent of cat poop, the markings left by other dogs, a decaying chicken bone (sheer delight), and you. This is what makes their world perfect, and in a perfect world, there’s no room for death.

However, dogs grow increasingly drowsy with time. That’s the catch, you see. They forget to teach you this in the fancy universities where they discuss quarks, gluons, and Keynesian economics. They possess so much knowledge that they overlook the fact that dogs never truly depart. It’s a regrettable oversight. Dogs have so much to offer, but people tend to chatter incessantly.

When you believe your dog has passed away, it has merely drifted off to sleep in your heart. By the way, it’s energetically wagging its tail, which explains why your chest aches so and tears flow ceaselessly. Who wouldn’t cry with a jubilant dog tail-wagging in their chest? Ouch! Wap, wap, wap, wap, wap, those tail wags hurt. But they only wag when they awaken, as if to say: ‘Thank you, Boss! Thanks for providing a warm place to slumber, always next to your heart, the best spot’.

Initially, when they doze off in your heart, they awaken frequently, hence the constant tears. Wap, wap, wap. After some ‘dog years’, their slumbers grow lengthier, and they deserve the respite. They’ve been a good dog throughout their life, and you both know it. Maintaining that standard of goodness becomes exhausting, particularly when old age brings aching bones and reluctant trips outside in the rain just to relieve themselves, because they are, after all, a good dog. So, know that after they’ve nestled in your heart, their slumbers will extend, and they’ll awaken when you least expect it. It’s simply who they are.

I feel compassion for those who lack dogs slumbering in their hearts. You’ve missed out on so much. Pardon me, I must go shed a few tears now”.

After encountering these profound words, there’s little left to say but an immense “Thank you, Ernest!” for sharing this touching perspective on the enduring presence of our beloved canine companions.

Source: Luxury video news