Cat adopts five baby hedgehogs after their mother is killed by hay mower

In the vast expanse of Russia’s Rostov region, a heartwarming tale of feline heroism unfolded as Murka, a humble house cat, took on the role of a surrogate mother to five orphaned hoglets whose own mother tragically perished in a harrowing accident.

Ekaterina Semenova, the caring owner of Murka, shared the remarkable story with a correspondent from KP, Rostov-on-Don. The chronicle began approximately three weeks prior, as workers were laboring diligently to mow the overgrown grass near their residence. Little did they know that a calamity was about to unfold.

Semenova recounted the unfortunate incident: “The grass had grown to an impressive height, reaching their shoulders, and the workers were utilizing a specialized hay mower, a trimmer. Tragically, the machinery inadvertently traversed over a hidden hedgehog nest. Only after the grass had been reduced to stubble did we make the distressing discovery that the nest sheltered a mother hedgehog along with her precious brood of hoglets”.

The accident proved devastating, claiming the lives of the mother hedgehog and one of her tender offspring. Left with only five surviving hoglets, their prospects appeared bleak without a guardian to nurture them.

“These tiny creatures were in a vulnerable state, blind and devoid of any protective spines. My heart ached for these defenseless babies, compelling me to bring them into our home”, Ekaterina continued, her eyes filled with compassion.

Initially, she attempted to feed the fragile hoglets using a pipette and milk, but her efforts bore no fruit. In a state of distress, she reached out to a veterinarian acquaintance for guidance, who suggested the audacious notion of finding a nursing cat. However, the professional cautioned that only around 30 percent of nursing cats would agree to adopt and care for offspring not their own.

Fate, it seemed, had its own plans. Murka, their very own feline resident, had recently given birth to a single kitten just three weeks prior. Thus, Ekaterina introduced the hedgehogs to Murka, who astonishingly welcomed them with open paws and a nurturing heart.

“The transition was seamless; the cat immediately embraced these hedgehogs as if they were her own flesh and blood”, Ekaterina elucidated. Consequently, Murka has been dutifully nursing and caring for the five hedgehogs, becoming their de facto mother for the past three weeks.

Remarkably, these once fragile and defenseless hoglets have since sprouted spines and opened their eyes. The kitten and hedgehogs have formed an inseparable bond, considering one another as part of a harmonious and loving family.

“Under the same roof, Murka, the kitten, and the hoglets peacefully slumber in a soft box. I am convinced that these endearing hedgehogs will continue to share their lives with us. They’ve grown incredibly tame”, Semenova beamed, her heart brimming with pride for her extraordinary feline companion. “Murka is a paragon of kindness and intelligence. She’s our shining star.”

Source: Beauty of Planet Earth