A newborn aardvark has been born at Chester Zoo for the first time in its 90-year history

Everyone at this zoo is very excited because their first aardvark was born.

One day, conservationists noticed a small aardvark between its parents. Mom Oni is 8 years old, and dad Koos is 6 years old.

This newborn creature is carefully cared for by zookeepers. They feed him and help him gain strength.

His name is Dobby, for pretty obvious reasons.

These animals originate from Africa, but are threatened by habitat loss there. Many also hunt them for their meat.

Aardvark are nocturnal animals. They have a tongue 25 centimeters long, which is sticky, and this allows them to catch ants easily.

This aardvark is really special because it is the first to be born in the zoo.

Not much is known about these animals, because they mostly live at night.

Let’s hope this isn’t the last to be born at the zoo.