Greyhound saved from racing was afraid of affection till he saw his little brother

This dog only realized what love is when he met his little human brother.

Mosley is a dog who is 4 years old. He’s been racing all his life, so he’s always been surrounded by other dogs and he’s always heard the noise.

When Scott Merrihew’s family adopted him, he became very happy. However, when he came to his new home, it was quite difficult for him.

His new family thought he didn’t love them, but that wasn’t true.

Mosley was very confused and that is the reason why he did not love these people back.

They did not lose hope and were very patient with him.

When Scott’s wife became pregnant, Mosley became increasingly close to her.

When little baby Lucas was born, Mosley loved him from the first moment. He wants to be close to him all the time, although he sometimes moves away so as not to accidentally hurt him.

Mosley often kisses this little baby, and it makes all the people who see it tender.

A great friendship is born slowly, that’s for sure.

Source: Lexnau