A small dog, with a huge tumor, given for euthanasia now lives the best life

After all the difficult times with the tumor, Hattie is now finally happy. The dog that its owners wanted to euthanize now has a beautiful life. It happened at an animal shelter in Texas. The owners watched the tumor grow for two years, without trying to help her.

Rehabilitation reform advocating for the rescue of these animals in Dallas saw Hattie and described her as perhaps the worst accusation the owner had ever received.

They soon brought in Dr. Karri from the animal ranch, who was amazed at the abnormal appearance of the tumor in such a small animal. They compared the tumor to a ball used for bowling.

Dr. Karri realized that Hattie couldn’t deal with the disease very easily. She realized that this little puppy was lying on a tumor as if it were a bag of beans. Can you understand that?

The doctor, of course, was quite stressed before performing the surgery. Fortunately, after the operation, Hattie got a completely new life. The disease, which they removed, weighed 15 kilograms.

The recovery of this little innocent animal was not very easy, but it went well. Now she enjoys a foster family.

There are many good people in the world and, thanks to some of them, Hattie has found her happy home.

She was almost put to sleep because she had an owner who didn’t even take care of her. But thankfully, this story of Hattie has a beautiful and happy ending.