How a rescued bear, tiger and lion became the best of friends for life

We can often see a cat enjoying the company of dogs or a dog hanging out with a fox. But this is about something completely amazing. A lion, a bear and a tiger to enjoy with each other? Inconceivable. It is normal for many of us to think that this is impossible, but it is not. It is possible for them to find a common language and live together. Enjoy the story we bring you.

Two rescued sea lions had medical examinations.

After rescuing them, a trio made up of a lion, a bear and a tiger decided to make a small company. As incredible and impossible as it may sound because of their differences and lifestyle, these hairy large animals live together in society. This actually proves that despite all the differences and shortcomings of the right of friendship, they know no boundaries. To love and be caring means everything.

In 2001, Georgian police raided the home of a drug dealer and they stumbled upon an incredible, heartbreaking scene. The three frightened animals were housed in the basement of the house, without food and with many parasites, which are most likely the result of the abuse.

Their living conditions were very bad then. Baloo, a bear that was surrounded by a belt, got cuts on its skin because of it. Shere Khan, a Bengal tiger, barely pulled out a live head, and African lion Leo was housed in a tiny box even though he had a major injury to his face.

The Department of Natural Resources in Georgia was immediately notified with the intention of getting the three poor animals all the help they needed from medical professionals, and then giving them a new home. Soon, the trio received help from a rescue center called Noah’s Ark. It looked like Baloo, Shere Khan and Leo were still thinking in that bad basement without food and help because they were behaving that way. But thanks to the people who gave them all possible love and care, these animals began to live normally and behave that way. They hung out, played and cuddled together.

These beautiful animals became inseparable, they lived as a small family. They were constantly next to each other. If they get separated from the ambulance, they will feel bad. It was very difficult for them to continue living a normal life again. And today he is very happy to have a friend to follow him.

When we talk about the characters of these animals, we can mention that Baloo was very confident, caring and reliable. Tiger Shere Khan was the smallest in this team, but quite naughty. Leo Leo always loved to discover something new, he enjoyed resting and was very extroverted.

15 years have passed and they have had very beautiful lives. They never hooked or beat each other.

It’s hard to see when someone we really love and want in life leaves, but that unfortunately has to happen once. So it was with them. Leo left this world after the discovery of cancer in 2016. Shere Khan left his home 2 years later. Baloo remained the only one from this amazing society. He is now in the sanctuary waiting for the moment when he will meet his beloved team again, his brothers.

If you ever wonder what real friendship really is, remember this story. Baloo, Shere Khan and Leo formed a trio that would melt any icy heart.