A year after couple saved squirrel, she returns pregnant

Simone Serfontein once helped an unfortunate faith after she fell awkwardly from a tree. At that moment the squirrel was not very well.

Then Simone took her home and took care of her.

Without much hope, but with a lot of understanding and learning, this woman managed to save the squirrel.

The unfortunate squirrel was very small and it was necessary to take care of it constantly.

Simone was always by her side, helping her in every way.

She was named Dingetjie.

This duo was constantly hanging out. Simone even took her to work and anywhere else.

The squirrel enjoyed staying in her owner’s shirt, warming herself there.

Simone really did a great job and was happy about it. However, after a while she realized that it was best for Dingetjie to let her go.

It was not very simple to separate from someone after so much time, but it had to happen sometime. There was some question as to whether Dingetjie would manage in nature, but it didn’t seem to be a problem for her.

According to Simone, the squirrel often came back and greeted her.

For a while Dingetjie did not come home, and Simone noticed that she had changed a little. She assumed she now had a new home, but that was not the case. She soon came back pregnant and wanted to stay with Simone.

Simone settled her then, but when labor started things got complicated.

The newborn squirrel did not survive. It was really sad, but after a while Dingetjie returned to nature.

The following year, Dingetjie became pregnant again. Of course Simone felt insecure about it, but luckily the little squirrel was born, alive and well.

It’s hard to describe the relationship between Simone and these little animals. As she says, it is truly something wonderful.