Sneaky whale pops up behind whale watchers as they look the wrong way

People, who expected to meet a whale and record that incredible sight for the rest of their lives, were tricked.

However, a truly fascinating sight was recorded by Eric J Smith, photographer and director. It’s clear why the internet went crazy over this photo.

Eric Smith/Caters

This team sailed the sea hoping to see and record a whale surfacing, but they almost missed it.

While they were looking to one side, the whale emerged from the water on the other. Everything took place in Mexico, more precisely near Baja California.

Eric Smith/Caters

At the last moment, people turned around and still saw this incredible scene, which they recorded with their cameras.

After that, the whale treated them to another surfacing, and this time the people readily welcomed it and took pictures of it.

Eric Smith/Caters

Eric, who recorded the whole situation, was also surprised.

As he says, after people looked at the whale, it immediately went back into the water.

People were overjoyed at that moment.

Eric Smith/Caters

Eric was not far from the other observers and recorded everything on camera. As he says, what they do really makes people happy, but caution is never enough.

Featured image credits: Caters