Adorable calf rejected by his herd gains loving dog family instead

James, the Highland Cow, embarked on an unconventional life journey after being shunned by his bovine herd. His unusual upbringing inside a human family’s home has led him to believe he’s part of the canine crew. It’s a heartwarming tale of an extraordinary bond.

From the very beginning, it was apparent that James was different. His cattle owners, Adam, aged 33, and Emily Hopson, aged 32, noticed that he wasn’t finding acceptance within the herd. They quickly realized that James’ chances of survival were slim without their intervention, so they made the compassionate decision to take him in as a pet.

At four months old, James has grown accustomed to his role as a member of the family, particularly bonding with his canine companions. He not only spends time with them but also engages in playful antics with his four-legged friends.

The irresistibly adorable calf has a particular fondness for giving his canine companions affectionate licks, and the dogs seem to take it all in stride. Emily, who shares her home with James, described him as “the sweetest creature”. He revels in showering affection on both the dogs and his human family members. James enjoys nothing more than snuggling beside them, soaking in the attention and petting.

This heartwarming tale of an unconventional bovine family member has captured the hearts of many. Photos and videos of James’ endearing interactions with his canine pals are rapidly going viral, and it’s not difficult to understand why. James has become an unlikely and captivating member of the household, making him one of the most charming, furry bovines to ever share his life with dogs.

If you’re charmed by James’ story, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends and family, as this unique bond is bound to bring smiles and warmth to the hearts of those who hear it.