Puppy mill dog too scared to walk poses a big challenge to move for his rescuers

Meet Olaf, a remarkable Great Pyrenees, whose life took a heartwarming turn after spending his entire existence in the harsh conditions of a puppy mill. When The Animal Pad came to his rescue, Olaf’s situation was more challenging than most, given that he tipped the scales at an impressive 130 pounds!

The Animal Pad took to Facebook to share Olaf’s story, revealing that he was among the 111 dogs they recently rescued from a deplorable breeding operation in Baja, California. The breeder claimed that she kept Olaf on the premises to serve as a guardian for the other dogs, the ones generating her profits. Ironically, Olaf, with his gentle and timid nature, wouldn’t harm a fly, yet he was positioned as the protector. To The Animal Pad, he was already perfect.

Rescuing Olaf and transporting him back to the shelter was no small feat, thanks to his sheer size and initial trepidation. Yet, with a combination of resourcefulness and sheer determination, his rescuers successfully overcame these obstacles, relocating him to a loving foster home. However, their journey didn’t end there; they still had to convince Olaf to step foot inside a house for the first time in his life.


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Objavu dijeli Anneliese (@fitanneliese)

Olaf’s foster mom, Anneliese, shared her experiences during this transformative process. Initially, Olaf maintained a considerable distance, not allowing anyone to approach within 10 to 15 feet of him. He roamed her backyard, observing from afar. However, his curiosity was gradually piqued by Anneliese’s other dogs, particularly his fondness for a pooch named Buttercup. Olaf started playing with Buttercup and even ventured to the doorway, inviting her to join him outside. When Buttercup and Anneliese’s other canine companions ventured indoors, Olaf took the courageous step of entering partially, extending his front paws through the doorway.

A significant breakthrough occurred on the 4th of July, of all days, when Olaf made the momentous decision to come inside, undoubtedly seeking refuge from the loud fireworks. Anneliese fondly recalls this event as a major milestone in Olaf’s journey. Today, he confidently enters the house and willingly accepts treats from his foster mom’s hand.


Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.


Objavu dijeli Anneliese (@fitanneliese)

Olaf has now spent several months in the care of Anneliese. She reports that he is entirely at ease inside the house, freely moving in and out and following the pack, with one slight exception, Anneliese herself. It appears that Olaf remains slightly uncertain about her presence inside the house, but they are making steady progress.

Anneliese also shared some noteworthy developments in Olaf’s behavior. He now responds when called, approaches eagerly during mealtime, and even strolls into the kitchen when hunger strikes, implying: “Do you have any treats or meals for me, dear lady?” Her answer is always a resounding “yes”, as Olaf’s progress deserves all the rewards.

Their to-do list still includes grooming, with Olaf in need of a good brushing and a trim of his dew claws. Anneliese promises that this is in the works, so stay tuned for the remarkable transformation.

As for Olaf’s current life, he seems content and joyous, reveling in the existence of a Great Pyrenees. He engages in his innate duties of barking and patrolling throughout the night, guarding against coyotes and even the neighbors, while, on occasion, leaving his mark in the house, albeit only when mom isn’t around.

And to add a little extra warmth to your heart, here’s a longer video of the heartwarming moment when Animal Pad picked up Olaf and brought him to their shelter, a turning point in this brave dog’s life.