Adorable K9 officer refuses to go to work until he gets a belly rub

If you’ve ever had those tough mornings where dragging yourself to work feels like an insurmountable challenge, this heartwarming video of a police dog facing the same dilemma is bound to bring a smile to your face.

Cassie Costin, a resident of Maryland, recently shared a delightful video capturing the daily struggle of her husband, Officer Ryan Costin, who was attempting to get to work on time with his loyal K9 partner, Jango Fett. The catch? Jango Fett had his own demands before getting into the car,  a belly rub.

According to Cassie, her husband had messaged her just as he was stepping out the door, mentioning that he was all set to head to work. However, an unexpected twist unfolded when Jango made it clear that he wasn’t quite ready to embark on their daily work routine. Cassie, intrigued by the situation, peered out the window of their home, where she witnessed her husband engaged in an endearing negotiation with the dog, and she couldn’t resist recording the amusing scene.

In a heartwarming Facebook post, Cassie shared this delightful moment with the world, stating: “I don’t typically make personal posts, however, when you think that you are having a rough morning or don’t want to go to work, watch this video to motivate you! This is my husband and best friend Deputy K9 Officer for AACO Sheriff Dept., Ryan Costin, and our canine Jango Fett; trying to go to work”.

Cassie also pointed out that it was unusual to see Jango lying down since he is typically a very active dog, highlighting that even dedicated working dogs experience those morning blues from time to time.

The video captures this adorable interaction between a dedicated police officer and his loyal four-legged partner, underscoring the deep bond that exists between them. It’s a heartwarming reminder that, just like us, even the most diligent and dutiful dogs can have their moments of reluctance, adding a touch of humor to the start of a working day. So, hit that play button and share this charming scene with your friends to brighten their day!