Adorable little lamb very politely asks its human for more cuddles

This is proof that even lambs can be cuddly as pets.

The video taken by the owner of the farm, Lee Walters, is truly touching.

It’s rare to see these animals in such a peaceful setting, but it’s nice to see them.

This little lamb was playing with the others, but suddenly it needed attention, so it decided to look for Lee.

Lee was on a short vacation at that very moment.

While he was enjoying lying on the grass, a little lamb slowly came to him.

This scene where the lamb asks its owner to pet it is really adorable.

Then Lee decided to spend some time with this adorable creature.

He gave it the attention it wanted.

Lee says it’s common for all the lambs to hang out, run and play together.

However, this one was special and brightened everyone’s day with its act.