Adorable video shows bald eagle, wild fox and cats hanging out on a porch in Alaska

Pam was at her home as the company gathered on the porch.Once again we can see how much animals are capable of developing friendships with other species. Although this is a wonderful miracle for us and amazing to see, this woman went out on the porch completely calmly and filmed this trio hanging out with each other.

In Unalaska, Alaska, it is not uncommon to see all of these animals, but in addition to your home, it is not very commonplace. How for whom, because Pam Aus has captured this scene several times. Gizmo and Suitcase are her cats who love to hang out, but she never thought she would find them in this kind of company.

Pam was at her home as the company gathered on the porch.


For The Huffington Post, she said she was at her computer at the time, and then she heard an eagle. Then she glanced out the window and saw this unusual sight. Each of them is actually very friendly, but it’s weird to see them all together.

After that, friends of these cats often returned, and the woman always records and publishes them. On one occasion she spotted as many as two eagles in the company of her cats. There are a lot of eagles in that area, so it’s not that weird. There are about 600 of them, while there are only 5,000 people.

They are often in the neighborhood, and sometimes come to Pamin’s porch and watch her cats.