A dog “adopts” a monkey that has lost its mother

It is known that people are cruel to mothers in Indian regions. A lot of people are there, and the crops are failing, so the monkeys are no longer labeled as doing harm. What we do know about this monkey is that his happiness smiled just when it was most needed.

Prakash Badal, a photographer from India has captured amazing scenes traveling through Himachal Pradesh recently.

Along the way he saw an interesting sight, a dog and a monkey. The dog was homeless and the monkey was a maximum of 10 days old. That’s what it looked like

Prakash learned some information from people living nearby, such as that the mother of the monkey was poisoned to save the crop. It is not unusual in those parts, because many of these monkeys created problems for farmers.

The little monkey was almost at the end of his life, because without his mother and the food he would get from her, it would be difficult for him to survive for a long time. But then a dog appeared, which had no home. He was a wanderer, but a wanderer with a big heart. She was soon to have her cubs.

This seemingly very strange couple got quite close. They started living together. Thus, they share food, socialize, play and enjoy. They wander the streets side by side. As the photographer himself says, it is very rare to see such a relationship between two completely different animals, a dog and a monkey. It is known that they are always in conflict, very rarely, almost never in friendship. This time the future mother decided to do something unusual. She couldn’t afford to leave that little cub on the road, with no one anywhere, no matter how different the two worlds are.

Hardly anyone knows how a mother and child will cope when little puppies are born, but for now it is obvious who is the most important being in the life of a little macaque. It is a dog to which it owes everything, even its life.