Woman meets her Rottweiler again after two years of separation at the animal shelter

Bella lived a hard and amazing life. Bella is the name of a Rottweiler, a very dear dog. As things stand now, we hope her future will be much better than the past. She injured the cruciate ligament and because of that accident her destination was the Humane Society of Chittenden Country. It is a shelter for dogs.

Bella’s owners simply didn’t have enough money to pay for the surgery, which cost several thousand dollars. Unable to walk normally due to the pain she was feeling, Bella was taken to a shelter to get all the help she needed.

At the shelter, they made sure Bella got help for free. Specifically, the local veterinarian performed the operation without payment, at the urging of the staff working there. All those from the Humane Society wholeheartedly wanted this lovely dog ​​to continue living in a family that cares for him and takes care of him. On the other hand, he could stay with them in the shelter, but that’s not the best outcome for the dog. Then they decided to look for owners.

Jenn stumbled upon an ad that caught her attention, she was left in disbelief. She couldn’t believe her eyes, so that’s her dog. It’s a dog that hasn’t been around in years, that disappeared long ago, and she had no idea where it might be. She was almost ready to move on with life, knowing that her dog Bella was dead. And in all that mess, an ad appeared that brought a smile back to her face.

These humane people posted a message that they recently heard from a woman who thinks they have her dog. She said she recognized him even after two years of her disappearance. She never stopped missing. Jenn soon reached out to these people to make sure both she and she were a real dog, the message read.

As soon as Jenn came, everything was clear. The dog’s reaction said it all, it turned out to be true, it’s a Rottweiler she lost two years ago. The dog recognized her immediately, and the people from the shelter were happy and excited about this outcome. An end no one expected. After a successful operation, Bella got back her owners, who, it seems, love abnormally much.