Almost no driver knows this: 4 hidden seat belt tricks that make driving easier

While many drivers adhere to the essential use of seatbelts, some overlook this critical safety measure, putting themselves at risk. Beyond its primary purpose of safeguarding in accidents, the seatbelt harbors four concealed functions that remain largely unknown.

These hidden features aren’t just lifesaving; they can also significantly aid drivers during their journeys.

Imagine your car breaks down, and there’s no one around to assist with pushing it. Your seatbelt becomes a valuable tool. Extract it from the car, press it against the door, and sling it across your chest.

Utilizing your body’s strength, you can maneuver and nudge the car with your right hand.

During a vehicle purchase, extend the seatbelt fully to inspect for peculiar marks or signs of rust. These could signal the car’s history, potentially indicating submersion in water or exposure to moisture.

Check the bottom of the rear seatbelt for the car’s production date, comparing it to the information found on the passenger-side door.

A discrepancy might hint at the car being involved in an accident, prompting a seatbelt replacement.

In dire situations where you’re trapped inside the car without an escape route, the metal part of the seatbelt can serve as a tool to shatter the car window, allowing a means of exit.


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