Has your body ever suddenly jumped when you catch your first sleep? Here’s what you need to know!

Have you experienced that peculiar jolt when your body unexpectedly twitches just as you begin to drift into your initial slumber?

Fear not, as this phenomenon is entirely commonplace, and researchers have at last unraveled the enigma behind it. It’s akin to sensing a rapid descent from considerable heights.

Various attempts have been made to articulate this sensation, and although everyone’s encounter may differ, the end result remains waking from the realm of repose.

Foremost among the explanations, experts posit the influence of external factors that could heighten the likelihood of these spontaneous jerks, such as the consumption of caffeine and tobacco.

It’s advised to abstain from coffee consumption several hours before bedtime, a practice that may diminish the chances of experiencing this peculiar phenomenon.

Stimulants and a dearth of sleep also emerge as potential triggers. The involuntary twitching commonly unfolds when one succumbs to sleep too hastily, often induced by sheer exhaustion.

In the initial phases of slumber, there’s a deceleration in both heartbeat and respiration. Occasionally, in the throes of extreme fatigue, the brain races through these sleep stages, befuddling the natural progression.

In response, the body hastily releases chemicals, prompting an abrupt awakening accompanied by a twitch.