Baby elephant who was trapped in poacher’s trap for 4 days made an incredible recovery

These magnificent animals are very wonderful. It is unfortunate that some people are engaged in hunting them.

However, this little elephant got lucky when he fell into a poacher’s trap in South Africa.

The people from HERD are heroes who helped this elephant when he was in trouble. As soon as they rescued her, they took her to a shelter where they took care of her. By the way, HERD is Hoedspruit Elephant Rehabilitation and Development.

This brave elephant lived through four difficult days.

The consequences were visible on his face, but the little elephant did not give up.

As Sue Howells says, even though the elephant has had very difficult and exhausting days behind him, he still showed that he is very brave.

This little albino elephant managed to recover. His courage helped him a lot.

Sue Howells emphasized that this baby elephant is extremely strong even though it is still small. This elephant was different from the others.

Thanks to his courage and these wonderful people, he was successfully rescued.