Dogs trained to protect wildlife have saved 45 rhinos from poachers in South Africa

These dogs have already done a very good job for which they were trained.

There are many different breeds that are trained for this job. As soon as they come into this world, they start training, so that at one and a half years old they can start doing what they were trained for.

During training, they learn to deal with all possible circumstances that occur during the protection of endangered species.

Sean Viljoen posted photos and showed what the trained dogs look like while doing their job. This was happening in National Park Greater Kruger, Southern Africa Wildlife College to be exact.

Johan van Straaten said that according to the data, about 45 rhinos have been saved since these dogs started working. He is a K9 Master, by the way.

Search dogs do their work very well, and with them, the success of the work is much higher than without them.

About 80% of the world’s rhinos are found in the Republic of South Africa. Now it is certainly clearer why the work of these trained dogs is so important.

Thousands and thousands of rhinos have decreased in recent 10 years, all because of poaching.

Robynne Wasas and Precious Malapane also work with these dogs to improve their performance. Johan van Straaten also said that these dogs can start working at an earlier age in their lives, but then they are still not ready for all the circumstances that await them.

Although many rhinos have been lost to poaching in recent years, the fact is that this number is decreasing.

Source: White Wolf Pack