Baby seal accidentally scares a polar bear cub in cutest wildlife footage

This is just another proof of how fascinating nature is.

A seal that jumps out and scares a small bear has made many people laugh.

The BBC is responsible for these incredible scenes that we have the opportunity to see.

Their team followed the polar bear and her cubs on their way. They went from Svalbard to the North Pole.

At one point, the mother decided to catch food for her cubs. Their food is mainly seals.

The mother’s expectations were that her cubs would also understand how to do it. However, not everything went as she imagined.

During one attempt to catch a seal, a small polar bear fell on its back in fear. The seal scared him by jumping out of the water.

A truly amazing scene. Whatever their intentions, these scenes are truly beautiful.

Watch the adorable video:

Source: Veterinary daily