Baby seal stops to thank his rescuers for freeing him before rejoining his family

Sea creatures often suffer due to poor conditions in their habitat.

Their life is affected by many things such as garbage, fishing nets, oil, etc.

Ocean Conservation Namibia (OCN) is an organization that helps these unfortunate creatures.

Antoine and Naude are part of this organization that helps seals caught in fishing nets.

They do rescues in Walvis Bay and they do it often, but this time their day was special.

When these unfortunate creatures become entangled in a fishing net, they tend to be agitated and run around. Because of this, the net tightens around them and quite a few of them die soon.

In the event that rescuers manage to save them, the seals would bite them because they are stressed and just want to leave as soon as possible and be free.

But that, it seems, is not always the case. Antoine and Naude rescued a baby seal, whose reaction definitely made their day.

When rescuers came to help this adorable creature, it was very calm.

Although he was tormented by the net that was on him, he patiently waited for the rescuers to remove it.

When it was successfully removed, this adorable seal didn’t scurry off like all the others when they are rescued.

He remained in his place and turned several times to these big-hearted people to express his gratitude.

You could really see gratitude on the seal’s face.

A truly wonderful creature, which unfortunately suffered due to, for the most part, human stupidity.

Watch the touching video:

Source: LOLitopia