This Rottweiler lifeguard won’t stop trying to save its family’s baby from pool

These dogs are really full of love that they give to those they love.

Definitely, many do not believe it, because Rottweilers are mostly an aggressive breed.

However, if they are treated in the right way, they give a lot of love in return, and many incidents confirm this.

When they develop a good relationship with their owner, these dogs will protect them no matter what.

Although many people find it difficult to associate Rottweilers with children, in some cases they get along very well.

One man posted a video on the Internet that proves it.

The video was viewed several million times in a short period of time.

As can be seen in the video, the father was watching over his little son in the pool, keeping him afloat.

However, their family dog ​​did not see this as a good thing, because the boy was in the deep part of the pool.

Then this beautiful dog kissed the boy as if it wanted to calm him down and wanted to make sure that the boy was okay.

After that, Leia grabbed the boy’s dad’s hand with her paw and dragged him towards the exit of the pool.

A truly amazing dog who acts like a guard all the time.

It is obvious how much this dog appreciates and loves its family.