Chobe the lioness rescued from Joe Exotic’s Tiger King zoo undergoes surgery

Lioness Chobe was at Joe Exotic’s Tiger King Zoo, and then came her rescue. In 2018, this female was saved. She had to go through a difficult period during her recovery. She was immediately forced to go for surgery because she had suffered inbreeding for many years.

After a successful rescue from Oaklahoma that year, she was moved to WildCat Ridge, a shelter in Oregano.

According to the recordings, it was determined that this female had an enlarged uterus caused by an infection. First of all, the staff was suspicious because they realized she was not eating anything.

She was then five years old when vets at their Oregon State University hospital removed her ovaries and uterus.

Dr. Katy Townsend operated on this lioness and stated that it is the same as with ordinary cats, only this time in a slightly larger form.

She is a professor of small animal surgery at Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine, although large animals are clearly not a problem for her either.

She was also happy with the surgery and everyone expected everything to be fine after a while.

As brave as this lioness was, they still had to give her anesthesia next to the wound to make it easier for her to endure all the pain.

The doctor said that the lioness was a little plump, but that she was also very cute.

They hoped that this operation would be of great help to her and that she would soon be able to continue living her life with a lot of happiness and stressed that it was actually the only thing they wanted for all the beings that passed through their hands.