Clements sisters have grown up and here is what they look like now

Within a mere twelve months, the Clements siblings have achieved remarkable milestones in their burgeoning careers. Their foray into the world of modeling commenced at the tender age of seven.

While the upbringing of child models often raises eyebrows, Jacqui Clements, the mother of Ava and Leah Clements, played a pivotal role in sculpting their triumphs. Entering the realm of modeling at a mere year old, she initiated their journey with an agency. Yet, juggling the demands of three young children alongside the rigors of the industry posed considerable challenges initially.

Upon the twins’ seventh birthday, Jacqui decided to reignite their modeling pursuits, integrating it into their repertoire alongside swimming and dance, a decision that would alter their trajectory significantly.

Upon re-entering the modeling domain, the Clements duo underwent a stunning metamorphosis. Jacqui’s resolve to revive their modeling endeavors was greeted with fervor by their former agency. Furthermore, she took proactive steps to professionally curate their digital footprint, propelling their Instagram handle, @clementstwins, to gather a staggering 830,000 followers within the span of a year.

Acknowledging her daughters’ inherent photogenic allure, Jacqui broadened their online presence by establishing a blog and a YouTube channel aimed at providing insights to parents navigating the modeling sphere.

Today, the Clements sisters stand as established figures in the fashion realm, captivating audiences with their ethereal charm akin to that of Barbie dolls. According to Jacqui, the decision to embark on this modeling odyssey was ultimately steered by the girls themselves, promising them the freedom to chart their own course in the days to come.