This is Venus Williams’ response to the match compared to the transgender lady

Venus Williams stands as one of the most illustrious figures in the annals of tennis history. Alongside her sister Serena, they’ve clinched an unprecedented number of trophies, surpassing any other sibling duo in the sporting world.

A defining moment in Venus’s career occurred when she declined to compete against Joe “Josepheena” LaBarron, hailing from France. This decision made a resounding statement, echoing her unwavering principles.

In response to the incident, Venus emphasized: “I’m not striving to emulate Billie Jean King”. While she remains open to charitable or recreational matches against male opponents, tennis serves as her primary livelihood. Venus maintains an unblemished record against male competitors, having never engaged in such contests and harboring no intentions to commence doing so presently.

As she exited the court, Venus raised her fist, eliciting a heartfelt standing ovation from the crowd, a testament to her unwavering integrity and resilience.