Cop saves donkey from busy highway, drives it safety in patrol car

When Robin Strader was driving to work one day, she experienced something unusual.

A donkey was walking along the highway in Norman, Oklahoma. The woman did not immediately know what to do, but she wanted to help him.

Then she called the police, and Kyle Canaan at Norman Police Department came. Before he had arrived, Robin somehow moved the donkey out of the way.

When Kyle arrived, he wasn’t sure how to handle the animal either. Soon Robin decided she wanted to keep the donkey at her house. His new name was Squishy.

The only problem at that moment was the transportation of the animal. If they had waited for a vehicle to transport him, it would have taken a long time.

Then Kyle took matters into his own hands and placed the donkey in the car.

Norman Police Department

As they said from the station, these police officers often encounter unusual scenes on the road.

You really don’t see this every day.

Everything was great, according to Kyle, except that he defecated in the back seat. Kyle made that statement for KFOR.

Norman Police Department

Basically, everything went in the best possible order. The donkey made it to safety and Kyle did a very good job.

Source: Majestic Animals