Cat runs through flames in burning garage five times and carries out all five of her kittens

This event happened in 1996.

An abandoned garage in New York caught fire. Unfortunately, Scarlett the cat and her five kittens were there.

When the firefighters came and put out the fire, one of them noticed something incredible. David Giannelli spotted this big-hearted mother cat rescuing her kittens.

Each time she entered the fire again and again to save one kitten at a time.

She had big burns and a lot of injuries.

After saving them all and making sure they were all right, she felt sick.

People soon took her and her kittens to treatment. The North Shore Animal League clinic was in charge of this.

Unfortunately, one kitten soon died. Everyone else survived and recovered, Scarlett too.

As soon as they recovered, they found their new home.

In 2008, Scarlett left this world. Such a brave mother cat will be remembered forever.

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Source: Happy Cats Online