Cyclists find five puppies buried in hole, rescue them by carrying them to safety in their shirts

It’s always nice to see someone helping animals. Such scenes always warm our hearts.

This is one case when a cyclist saw five abandoned puppies and decided to help them. He took them with him and tried to find them a home.

Tyago Costa Silva, a cyclist from Brazil, could not even imagine what would happen to him that day.

While cycling, he came across small dogs that were buried in a hole. Those unfortunate little creatures were helpless.

Fortunately, Tyago noticed them.

The cyclists could not believe that someone could do such a thing. A sad sight indeed.

The cyclists wanted to help these little dogs with all their hearts. A video posted by Tyago on Instagram shows him giving water to thirsty puppies.

In addition, these cyclists placed puppies in their shirts and rode them for 12 miles.

Tyago took these unfortunate puppies into his home to take care of them. He believed that the dogs would get new homes and good owners.

That’s what happened in the end.

All the puppies have found new homes and now finally have the love they deserve.

Still, it’s hard to believe that people can be so cruel. Fortunately, everything ended well.

Thanks to Tyag and his friends who showed that they have a big heart.

Source: We Care About Animals