Despite his tough childhood, this boy became a famous country music star and here is how he looks today

Keith Urban, the celebrated star of country melodies, recently opened up about his tumultuous childhood in a revealing interview, offering glimpses into a life shaped by constant moves and a dearth of familial affection.

While Urban exhibited exemplary behavior during his youth, his formative years were clouded by his father’s battle with alcoholism, robbing him of the nurturing and supportive household he craved.

During a poignant discussion reflecting on his life’s trajectory, Urban provided perspective on the lasting effects of his peripatetic upbringing, articulating a longing for a sense of permanence and closeness within his family circle.

He reflected on the emotional detachment from his father, whose demeanor, while not harsh, rarely expressed affection or affirmation, preferring instead to focus on critique.

As he grew older, Urban noticed his father’s recollection of those disciplinary moments waning, hinting at a genuine forgetting of the past.

Now in his mid-fifties, Urban has undergone a profound metamorphosis, discovering love and steadiness in his union with renowned actress Nicole Kidman, who is also 56, and fully embracing the role of fatherhood with steadfast commitment.

The couple, whose initial encounter took place at an event commemorating Australians residing in the US back in 2005, initially chose to reside on a rural estate during their inaugural year of marriage.

Eager to break the chains of his upbringing, Urban is now fully committed to his role as a dedicated father to their two daughters, Sunday and Faith Kidman-Urban, amidst the serene surroundings of their Nashville estate.

Parenting brings Urban immense joy, especially reveling in the experience of raising daughters, a novel journey for him having grown up without sisters.

He underscores the pivotal role his children play in his life, yet he and Kidman deliberately shield them from the public eye, prioritizing their privacy to maintain a semblance of normalcy.

Recalling his parents’ decision to move to Australia when he was merely two years old, Urban now recognizes the hardships they encountered while establishing a new life in a foreign country with limited means.

Through perseverance and love, Urban has crafted a fulfilling life, treasuring his roles as both husband and father, and ensuring his family experiences the stability and affection he longed for in his own childhood.