Tim Conway’s Hilarious Slow-Motion Roll Down the Stairs Has Fans of the Carol Burnett Show in Stitches – As the Stomach Turns

The legacy of The Carol Burnett Show continues to shine brightly in the world of comedy. Recently, fans were treated to a delightful gem from the ‘As the Stomach Turns’ episode, courtesy of The Carol Burnett Archives. This particular skit features an ensemble cast led by the incomparable Carol Burnett, alongside Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, and Lyle Waggoner. Set in the quaint Canoga Falls home, the scene unfolds as Marion (played by Carol Burnett) muses over the amusing antics of her sprightly 90-year-old grandfather while savoring a cup of coffee.

Tim Conway infuses life into the character of the grandfather with his endearing portrayal, embodying his deliberate movements and mischievous spirit. Marion’s attempt to engage him in conversation about his upcoming 91st birthday and relocation plans to Sun City takes an unexpected turn when Grandpa reveals his determination to flee rather than settle into retirement.

The arrival of Cindy, portrayed by Vicki Lawrence, adds a new layer of hilarity as Grandpa becomes smitten and retreats to his bedroom, leaving Marion to navigate the chaos. Meanwhile, Marion seeks solace in her brother Ralph (Lyle Waggoner), whose romantic proclamations are swiftly redirected towards Cindy, leading to a melodramatic display of unrequited love.

As the chaos escalates, Father Colucci’s entrance, in search of a lost lamb, adds another layer of comedic complexity to the situation. The tension reaches its peak when Marion discovers Grandpa’s declining health, prompting a frantic call to Dr. Hofer (played by Harvey Korman), complete with a quirky request to pick up her dry-cleaned dress.

Dr. Hofer’s arrival sets off a chain of calamitous events, culminating in Grandpa’s exaggerated fall down the stairs, eliciting uncontrollable laughter from the cast. Through it all, the episode encapsulates the timeless charm and wit of The Carol Burnett Show, thanks to its clever writing, impeccable timing, and the remarkable chemistry among the cast.

This episode serves as a delightful reminder of the show’s enduring legacy in bringing joy and laughter to audiences. Share this clip with loved ones to bask in the nostalgic warmth it evokes and celebrate the timeless brilliance of The Carol Burnett Show.